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The Legend of Tarzan

Tarzan (2013) ทาร์ซาน

The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan At the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885, the Congo Basin is claimed by King Leopold II of the Belgians. Five years after, Leopold has accrued massive obligations for the extraction of the riches of the Congo Free State and sends his representative Leon Rom to secure the legendarily-prized diamonds from Opar. Chief Mbonga leads the warriors that attack Rom’s team and offer the diamonds as a reward in exchange for Tarzan.

The Earl of Greystoke is the man who was popularly known as “Tarzan”. The Rt Hon. John Clayton, the Earl of Greystoke has left Africa to return to his ancestral home in the British Isles. Jane is his American wife, accepted an invitation by Leopold to travel to Boma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Prime Minister and George Washington Williams explain to Greystoke what happened when Leopold has defaulted on his loans. Greystoke, whose adventures as Tarzan made him famous, will visit the British Isles to take his place as the ancestral home of his family. Greystoke declines. John Greystoke is convinced by George to share with him his concerns that Leopold has taken over the Congolese people. A flashback shows John the death of his parents, as well as his adoption by the legendary apes, the Mangani. At the Greystoke country house, Jane is telling children that they are there. John, after a fight with Jane experiences a flashback to when the age of five was and was playing in the treehouse with his ape-loving foster mom and foster brother Akut. After that, Alpha Male Kerchak pursues John.

John, Jane, George and their guide, Mr. Frum travel to the Congo to seek ways to get around Rom and his corrupt financier. Rom who employed slave labor to build forts across the region, is now connected by railroad and river transportation. Rom will need the diamonds of Opar for financing the army.

John and George discover Leopold through documents. They bring the evidence to Kuba warriors. George rescues slaves to be delivered to Boma. Jane and Wasimbu escape from the steamship and run off into the wild. Jane meets Rom and his men fire on the apes. John then helps Mangani’s survivors. Rom follows Jane and takes her to the tribe of Mbonga. John was convicted of murdering Kala the foster mother of John several years ago.

Rom has to take Jane (who is about to be sold as an slave) and the diamonds to Boma and there the mercenary force is advancing towards the shore. John and George are the leaders of a wildebeest stampede throughout the town, who are and chasing the Rom’s soldiers. Kuba warriors are on the scene to save their families. John rescues Jane, and chases Rom. Rom then takes the diamonds to Boma where he strangles John by a rosary. Rom escapes, and Rom is eaten by Crocodiles. When the vessel’s boiler explodes, he is able to escape.